Sunday Morning with Andy – 23rd Feb ’20

Toward a Rebirth of Freedom

America, for 'Goodness' Sake!

Andrew L. Pate

No one is perfect.  No nation is perfect.  Which is no excuse for continuing to tolerate bad things in one's self, or in one's country.

When chaos and the ridiculous run rampant, as is the case in 2020, the voices of integrity and good government are challenged by the noise of Big Bucks and Absolute Power.  And fundamentally, this is what the 2020 presidential election is all about: Can America recover its essential goodness?

Yes!  But the rebirth of freedom, justice and truth will require extraordinary diligence by our best citizens and, hopefully, a rude awakening on the part of those who dishonor what is good and right about us.

Today's "Good" Americans understand the times; and do not be dismayed, their numbers are large and their dedication deep.  They—I/we—are deeply perplexed, however.  Why is it that our  president can flaunt and ridicule core American values while catering to our worst instincts and get by with it?  And it is even more perplexing that his followers either choose to ignore or simply are in the dark about the president's lawlessness.

The Good people of America must remain diligent and hold strong to their cause.  For if the lawlessness is allowed to continue for too long, our beloved democracy will crumble.

Personally, I do not fear that.  I see and hear too many solid citizens of the United States voicing their concerns eloquently and loudly.  Keep it up!  I say.

On the other side, it would be extremely helpful if Trumpites would wake up and acknowledge the precious values they've surrendered and see how seriously dangerous to America Trump and his cohorts are.

To borrow a biblical phrase, the 'Good' in America is currently in captivity to the ugly "elemental spirits" (Paul) of the universe.  And Trump's followers deceive themselves, thinking as they do that they are really in on the making great again of America, when what is actually happening is the "breaking" of America!

So, let this be our battle cry:  "America! for 'Goodness' sake!"





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