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I want to go back to P.T. "Pre-Tweet" days.  Landlines were private, your fingers fit the keyboard and POTUS was seldom heard from.

John Milton said hell is where torture exists forever.  I hate to question the master 17th-century wordsman, but I do think he got the wrong T-word to define hell in the 21st.

A more in-the-present Kenny Mitchell, to the right as you look at me, has expressed his wish there were no such thing as Twitter.  I wish there were no Trump to tweet.  With that impossible,  I wish only tweetable would be football scores and occasional messages of congratulations, with all items of the day  to be posted from 7:00-9:00 a.m., after which the app would close for 22 hours straight.

In the old days I found great comfort in opening my newspaper around 6:00 am to get the latest news.  I miss the feel and the smell of my morning Chronicle and its anxiety-reducing opinions.

But what do I have?  A little box called a cell that's so full of "breaking news" it begs to be thrown away.

There's no justice.  Or did I dream that up?  I pinch myself.

No, I'm not in a rose-colored dream.  I'm in a nightmare in which presently exploding  is a multi-colored scene showing a prince and a princess turning golden eggs into gigantic carcinomas, he next jumps astride a hobby horse as she races onward atop an old gray horse she's whip-lashing while shouting, "Go, Brady! Go!"

Whoa, stop!  Wake up! And I do.

Before me, on my TV screen is POTUS announcing his most recent "greatest achievement in the history of the world," a new trade deal with China.  The "anointed one" is highly animated, enjoying himself, with his usual crew of bootlickers applauding, their silly-grin visages in full display, confirming their obsequious cowardly nature.

I wonder about Melania.  I don't know the woman and only see her from a distance, as increasingly appears also to be the case for the man she stands publicly by.  But I do know my woman and I'd love to see what POTUS would do if he had to answer to her.

"Donny,  you applauded yourself a little too much.   Your hair was out of place.  Your turkey craw is getting more and more flabby.  Please keep your coat buttoned, so as to hide the craw and your tummy."

Check me on this.  I don't think any self-serving tweet from POTUS would be a sufficient response for my woman, or for any stable woman I know.

Then there's that "articles of Impeachment" crossover in process.

"Moscow Mitch," or simply "Mitch," take your pick, is ready to receive the articles and expedite them quicker than Amazon ever could.

Which brings me to yet another wish:.  Wouldn't it be nice for the senior senator from Kentucky just to disappear all of a sudden, and retire to pasture with the other has-been horses of his home state?

I would definitely think it nice, and the same for Nancy, Charles and Lindsey; they've overstayed my welcome in our nation's capital.

I hope everyone notices that I'm non-partisan.  I don't care one whit the political party of any ancient.  I've grown tired and weary of the wrinkles, the evasions and the self-promoting pronouncements.  I need, I believe the USA needs new and younger intelligently informed, morally-balanced blood to deal with the crippling federal paralysis of 2020.

Speaking of old.  When I was younger, I probably could have handled tweet-storms better.  "Que sera, sera."

My problem today is—I'll never be that young again, thinking myself so or otherwise.

But the world could be.














Note:  A northeast Texas publisher of The Bowie County Citizens Tribune making lots of noise

A Tarnished Bowie County

Politics today may be the worst thing that ever happened to us here in the United States.

There was a day when a person could run for political office, and do so on their merits. A candidate would go out, shake hands, kiss babies, and give a speech about their beliefs, their platform and make promises of a better tomorrow, and that was it. That was how they campaigned.

Nowadays, the way to politic has changed. The dawn of social media and network television changed the way candidates run their races. It also changed the way the public is influenced by the candidates.

All you have to have seen to agree with me is the ongoing saga of the pending impeachment of our president. Never in my life of 56 years have I seen such a farce. Never in all my life have I witnessed such a mockery of the system which our forefathers put into place. You can be a Democrat or Republican or something else, and odds are you agree with me. Whether you want to see President Trump in office, or out, it is hard to not see the way that our Constitution has been bastardized in the name of “doing what is right” for the people. On both sides.

Nationally, I wish there was no such thing as Twitter. Both sides of the fence have used this social media platform as a stage, with both sides, in my opinion, working together to create a comedy of errors that rivals the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
Here locally, and even sadder, is that social media is far less the weapon it is on the national level, but rather, here locally the name calling, slandering and abuse us more face to face. It is becoming way more personal.

One candidate running for county office here in Bowie County has had both their prized dog and their prized Brahma killed in recent days. Now, I am not saying that it was his opponent that did these horrible things, in fact, I know both of the candidates pretty well, and both promised me, in person to my face, that they would run a clean campaign. Both promised me that there would be no mudslinging.

Whether that be true or not remains to be seen.

What I do know is that a man running for a county office should never have to deal with having his dog or his cows killed, just because he decided he wanted to serve the people in his county, especially when his decision to run for office was based on a need to serve the people he has known all of his life, and a desire to carry on a tradition of service established by the man he respects more than anyone else in the world, his father.

Yes, I am friends with Kyle Barrett. This is a man who sought to grant one of my wife’s final wishes here on Earth, and a man who provided all of the flowers at her memorial service when she died. It is impossible not to love that kind of man. I have also known his opponent, James Boyd Strain for a long time. I know him to be a man who stands in the pulpit preaching the Word of God, and I know him to be a man that knows his Bible and has a strong, moral conscience.

Both are hardworking men. Both are men of character, and both are men that I consider to be good men.

So, to those who would do the vile, inhuman things like killing a man’s dog, or killing a man’s prized cow, I will say you are the lowest of the low when it comes to being a man of character. You not only should hope the local law enforcement doesn’t some day carry you off in handcuffs, you should hope that a God in Heaven sees fit to forgive you.

I agree completely with the statement, “Politics has never been for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart, and if you enter the arena , you should expect to get roughed up. Moreover, Democracy in a nation of more than 300 million people is inherently difficult.”

That statement was made by a man that I could never align myself with politically, but a man that knew politics, and that was President Barack Obama.

But, I also believe this, “This nation was founded by many men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”

That statement was made by President John F. Kennedy, and it relates to the things going on here in Bowie County today.

Attacking a candidate, any candidate, simply because he wants to be a candidate, and then those who know about the attacks, and let them go on unheeded, make us all a little less American every single day.

It needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

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