Copano and Beyond – 13 Jan 202

Ganado trustees say no to solar tax break

No motions were made by the trustees at Ganado ISD to approve the request by Ganado Solar LLC for a Limitation of Appraised Value under Comptroller Application #1333 during the Dec. 18 board meeting. For lack of motions on any of the agenda item related to any Ganado Solar request, the company will not receive abatements from the district on properties selected for the project.

Rockport FUMC Choir to sing in NYC's Lincoln

Rockport Pilot

In a performance of Pepper Choplin’s “Resurrected: From the Tomb to Pentecost”. This performance is planned to take place Monday, May 25, 2020 in David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts under the baton of Composer/Conductor Pepper Choplin.

Going for the gold?

The Comanche Cheer (varsity) will compete in the UIL Spirit Contest to be held in Fort Worth Convention Center, Thursday, January 16, 2020


Shana Bohac: How to care for an older horse

Victoria Advocate

Older horses need special love, attention and care. Good nutrition, proper maintenance and consistent veterinary care are a few things that will help keep your older horse healthy.

When properly cared for, a horse can lead a long, wholesome and productive life. The most important issues to consider when caring for a geriatric horse include lameness problems, dental issues, vision loss and nutrition as well as immunity and hormone changes.

continued . . .

What will South Texas look like in 25 years? Here's the road map to the future

Caller Times

Officials are hoping the answer — at least in part — could be a nearly $7.4 billion, 25-year plan to upgrade and repair current roadways, build new streets and highways, and invest in bike paths, railways and bridges in Nueces County and parts of San Patricio County.

“The region needs to have that discussion — what our future in the world of transportation looks like based on how the region is going to grow in the next 25 years,” said Robert MacDonald, transportation director of the Corpus Christi Metropolitan Planning Organization.



Valley Morning Star

Our shame: Another Valley official faces corruption, criminal charges

Sylvia Atkinson

We couldn’t escape the year without another Rio Grande Valley official facing charges of corruption.

This time it’s Brownsville Independent School District member Sylvia Atkinson, who also is executive director of high school programs and community outreach at Texas Southmost College and has served as superintendent or assistant superintendent at several Valley school districts. Atkinson faces multiple federal charges of soliciting and taking bribes in return for her votes on the allocation of BISD contracts.

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