Can you top this? Part II

As a warm-up to Friday night's opener in Tidehaven, and to the entire 2A/3A season in Texas High School football, I'm posting these "amazing" stories and "feat-reporting" for true Refugio Bobcat fans to enjoy, and remember.

Over the years Bobcat football teams have run up huge, lop-sided scores against vastly over-matched teams.  I have never really enjoyed this; and I think most Bobcat fans probably feel the same:  We wish our team would face a tough opponent every game, and therefore, avoid the widespread criticism that the Bobcats are too good at "running up the score."

Two memorable Refugio "skunkings"  of an opponent highlight the problem for me.

I wasn't present, but Coach Teddy Gray told me about it.

The Refugio Bobcats were ahead of the Yorktown Wildcats 51-0 at half-time (1970).  The game was "called."  No second-half.

Walking off the field, Gray said he was confronted by an extremely angry Yorktown man (perhaps the Dad of a player?), who irately demanded, "Gray, why in hell didn't you hold down the score?"

To which Gray responded, "I did."

Not too many years ago I shared that story with Billy Wayne Swinney, who replied, "Let me tell you about our game with Marion when I was on the Bobcat team."


"We were ahead 62-0 at the half.  We left the field for the dressing room and to catch our breath for the second half.  The Marion team loaded up on its bus and went home."

I'm sure there are numerous similar stories.  The Bobcats have "stomped" a lot of teams over the years, and rarely experienced it themselves (I prefer to forget the 61-20 loss to Canadian in the 2015 state final; and that 93-0 tromping at the hands of Beeville in the first Refugio FB game ever, that game simply does not count!).

Still, I am left to wonder:

How did the Taft folks feel after their team's 80-0 licking in 2012, when Bobcat quarterback Travis Quintanilla threw 10 TD passes?

And how did the Goliad Tigers respond when WR Ira Gray caught 14 passes against them in 1979?

Also, do you remember?  After the 1988 season, the entire Texas football world stood for months in awe over Willie Mack Garza's 56 TD scores, a state record at the time.  (Garza and James K Lott are the two Bobcats enshrined in the Texas HS Football Hall of Fame.)

Records are made, as they say, "to be broken."

But unless you're a dead Refugio fan, they're never forgotten.




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